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 いとう皮フ科 (松尾メディカルスクエアII)

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Matsuo Medical Square II 2F
English is not available on the telephone.

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#11-5 Matsuo Diri-cho, Nishigyou-ku, Kyoto 615-8282
Matsuo Medical Square II, 2F

3 minutes walk from Kamikatsura station to the west
・Train bound for Arashiyama:WeekdayLinkIcon平日嵐山へ, SaturdayLinkIcon土曜日嵐山へ
Train bound for Katsura:WeekdayLinkIcon平日桂へ, SaturdayLinkIcon土曜日桂へ,

Turn to the west at the intersection of Yamadaguchi of Mozumekaidoh.
Matsuo Medical Square II, 2F
Parking lot 41 units

Get off at Kyoto city bus stop of Matsuo Dairi-cho, 1min walk to the west.
・Number 29 line:To Rakusai bus terminal LinkIcon洛西バスターミナルand Shijo-karasumaLinkIcon四条烏丸
・Number 69 line:To Katsuraeki-higashiguchiLinkIconJR桂川駅、桂駅 and Shijyoh-ohmiya, Nijyoheki-nishiguchiLinkIcon四条大宮、二条駅

Please feel free to visit us.

Weekday except Thursday : 9:30〜12:30, 15:30〜18:30
Saturday : 9:30〜12:30